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We Asked 6 Hardcore Vocalists How They Relax While Their Bands Load in Gear

Being in a touring hardcore band is never easy. Countless hours stuck in a van, playing shows every night, trying to eat healthy, getting enough sleep on an apartment floor — the stresses are endless. Relaxing on tour often seems like an impossible task, so we asked some of our favorite hardcore singers for tips on how they relax while their bands load in gear.

Bike Lock Mike

Vocalist, BROTALITY (MA)

“Ya know, I unfortunately don’t have time on the road for a spa day, but the time it takes the boys to load in all their amps and shit is enough time to sneak off for a quick massage, and maybe a few sips of spa water. Really can’t be beat.”

Matty Fuck-Fuck

Vocalist, Endless Brain (MA)

“People don’t think it because I’m a giant fucking tattooed hardcore singer but I just love fuckin’ lavendar, dude. I can’t get enough of the shit. So while the boys are all dragging their amps out of the van, I have this air diffuser with lavender essential oils — bro I fuckin’ huff that shit. You really can’t overrate the value of finding time to relax on the road.”

Straight Edge Rick

Vocalist, xPUNCHDRUNKx (MA)

“Touring can be so stressful, but I’ve made it a priority to bring my yoga mat out with me so I can get some work done while my band loads in the drums and whatever.”

Rock’em Sock’em Tim

Singer, Edgecrusher (MA)

“I smoke weed.”

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Singer, Scrumfuck (MA)

“I have this pillow I take it on tour all the time and when the guys are doing their thing with the gear I just fuckin’ scream into the thing. It’s so cathartic.”

Ella Hancook

Vocalist, ShipWreck2020 (MA)

“Unfortunately, I don’t really get to relax because I’m in a bit of an awkward situation with my band. Things are strained. The guys keep telling me that not having equipment doesn’t excuse me from helping with load-in and I’m like, ‘Dude, it’s not my fault you all chose to play instruments that need amps. It’s like fuck dudes come on.’”

Article by Jeremy Hammond @jeremythunder. Photo by Kat Chishkovsky