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A Comprehensive Guide of What You’re Allowed to Wear When Fighting Fascism

When fighting for a cause it’s important to keep ourselves in check. We must ask one another important questions like, “How are we affecting real change?” “What are we doing to further our cause?” and “Where’d you get that shirt? The baby section at Hot Topic? Ew.”

When fighting fascism you want to wear clothing that immediately identifies your political leanings and you should avoid anything that is aligned with certain unpopular ideologies. The world of direct action can be difficult to navigate, but luckily we have created a comprehensive guide of what you’re allowed to wear while fighting fascism.

You’re not allowed to wear any mass produced band shirts. Actually, you can’t wear any shirts that were manufactured by major corporations. Basically no logos unless it’s a homemade Antifa patch or a band from Crass records. Well, not all of Crass records. “Dirt” is okay and I don’t think MDC has done anything wrong. Penny Rimbaud comes from money though, so not him. Also Steve Ignorant might be an asshole. Any band from Crass records except Crass.

Definitely no sports logos because sports promote tribalism and that is inherently fascistic. Unless you’re an indigenous person because then you’re actually part of a tribe. Still, you can only wear non-offensive sports logos, we think. Not sure how that works. Okay, how about this: if you are native please write that on your face covering so we know not to get offended.

You can’t wear red shoelaces because RAC skinheads wear them. You can’t wear blue shoelaces because I think that’s bad too. No one has gotten back to me regarding what type of jacket you’re allowed to wear if it’s unseasonably cold.

For more information regarding what you can and cannot wear while fighting fascism, please consult the 4000-page handbook which was thrown through your car window last night. Keep in mind that it is constantly being updated as we find newer and more efficient ways to gate-keep our fellow comrades.