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7 Pictures of Ian MacKaye in Silly Hats (You’ll Never Believe Number 4!)

There are few punk icons more influential than Ian Mackaye. The Teen Idles, Minor Threat, Fugazi, and Dischord Records changed underground music forever. However, if there is one thing MacKaye is even more passionate about than music, it’s silly hats. Check out these seven hand-curated pictures of Ian MacKaye in silly hats, exclusively on Hard Style (and just wait for number four).

1. Why’s Everybody In Such a Fuckin’ Plush?

unnamed (7)

Wow! That is one silly hat! But it’s GARBAGE compared to how unbelievable number 4 is!

2. Avoca-don’t Smoke, Don’t Drink!

unnamed (8)

What?! Where’d he even get this hat, am I right?! Where do you buy something like this? It’s insane! But You know what’s more insane? Number 4. NOTHING is as insane as number 4.

3. My Time Is Water Down A Mane

unnamed (9)

Vintage! Ian sure does love these silly hats — even as far back as his Teen Idle days! This is pretty unbelievable, but boy does it pale in comparison to number 4. Are you ready for it? I’m jealous that you’re getting to experience number 4 for the first time right now, what a time to be you.

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4. Get Your Bravery From An Antiquated Monarchy

unnamed (10)

Right?! How unbelievable is this?! He’s wearing the Queen’s hat! Amazing! This has to be one of the greatest revelations in the history of digital media. This photo is absolutely worthy of you sharing this article on Facebook. Please, please God, if there is a God, let this article go viral based on the strength of this photo of an aging hardcore frontman in a silly hat.


5. Sometimes Good Guys Say Dyn-o-mite!

unnamed (11)

I’m locked in the Hard Times office. There are no windows — I haven’t seen the sun in weeks. They told me they’d let me have water again if you were shocked by number 4. Please help me. Share this article, you are my last hope.

6. Red! I’m Seeing Red (Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet)!

unnamed (12)

I have a family. I just want to hold my infant daughter again. The chains they used to tie me to my chair are rusting and cutting my legs. I fear I don’t have much time left. Share this article, I’m begging you.

7. Go Out, Bite Bite!

unnamed (13)

Oh fuck, they are looking at me, they’re coming over here. Act natural. What’s he even doing in this one? Testifying before congress on the dangers of shark attacks? …OK they’re gone. Please, their expectations for the success of this article are high and my life depends on it.

If you have even an ounce of humanity, and ever want me to walk free again, please let my captors, I mean, editors know how unbelievable you found number 4 in the comments below!

Article by Jeremy Hammond @jeremythunder.