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5 Things Successful People Say in the Borat Voice

When a mainstream imitation comes into the zeitgeist, successful people deploy it effectively in their work environments. Contrary to popular belief, Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan was a successful film not because of male nudity, but because the main character spoke in the Borat Sagdiyev voice the whole time. Here are five things you should start saying now and if it not success, I will be execute!

1. Wawaweewa

You can’t teach passion, but you can fake it in a cute and fun way. If a sales manager is explaining their exciting new go-to-market strategy, you better be engaged and responsive. Yell out a “wawaweewa” with the same lively eyebrow raise you would give a woman’s new breast implants. Is nice!

2. My sister, she is number four prostitute in whole of Kazakhstan.
Praise others for their accomplishments. This Borat phrase takes blame and shares credit. Do you have a hard time being sincere and giving a compliment? Broken English and prostitution are always, always icebreakers. Sexy time!

3. I love U S and A
Show patriotism whenever possible, but you don’t want to look like a white nationalist trapped inside a tailored suit. Use the voice of a foreign man to praise your own country. High five!

4. What is up vanilla face?
Winning influence over others is about building loyalty and making people feel good. The best way to do that is to tear down social misconceptions on what is racially insensitive. Now you are truly a bold and hilarious maverick of social influence. King in the castle, king in the castle!

5. My wife!
Of course, you can’t leave out the classic way to show you are a casual family man. Take it to the next level. Instead of saying “my wife” you should say “our wives,” this is a much more team-oriented approach that will allow you to build a collaborative environment and identify swingers. Don’t forget to add a heavy dose of the Kazakh flavor to get a few chuckles or this could come across as sexist. Great success!