Hardcore Singer Accidentally Swallows Microphone

CLEVELAND — What started out as a normal show quickly turned into a scene of horror for local Cleveland hardcore band Live It Down when lead vocalist Eric Sarno swallowed the show’s only working microphone.

“He does the ‘microphone in mouth’ move all the time,” said bassist Jake Mainini. “Nobody saw this coming, it’s something we would joke about, but the time for jokes is over. We have to pay for that microphone out of the band fund. We actually thought we might make money on tonight’s show.”

Witnesses told The Hard Times that Sarno was bouncing around the stage with the microphone in his mouth when he was inadvertently hit in the back by a man attempting a stage dive. The microphone then disappeared down Sarno’s throat, leaving everyone questioning where to scream the lyrics.

“Some of us started screaming into his belly, as if he were pregnant. Others decided to yell down his throat, it was sheer pandemonium,” show patron Marie Daniels told The Hard Times.

“Some of us started screaming into his belly, as if he were pregnant. Others decided to yell down his throat, it was sheer pandemonium.” Marie Daniels, show patron

One member of the crowd suggested loudly that the frontman just “pull a GG” on stage and continue with the show.

Sarno initially refused medical attention, claiming that he “just needs a few minutes and maybe a coffee and everything will be back to normal.”

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Show promoter Rob Wilford was not pleased with the situation. “It was unprofessional. We hold these guys to a certain standard and swallowing a microphone whole is as rookie of a move as playing out of tune or covering the same band twice in one set,” said Wilford.

All signs point to Sarno making a full recovery, but the microphone was not so lucky. “We have to throw it out. Most mics are gross with spit and other bodily fluids, but I can’t justify using a microphone that is partially digested,” said Wilford. “Besides, this mic had a good run. We made it through 4 shows with it, which is a new record.”

Sarno is currently recovering at home, spending his time bragging on the Internet about being the first guy “to finally make this happen.”

Article by The Hard Times Staff @REALpunknews. Photo provided by Chris Bavaria (@ChrisBavaria on Instagram). 
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