Lost Guitar Picks: Where Are They Now?

From sitting atop bass heads to soaring through the air into the hands of eager concertgoers, thousands of guitar picks are lost every day and heard of again. Reports show that at least 99 percent of all guitar picks will be lost at some point in their lifetime. They play a vital role in rock ‘n’ roll, but they unfortunately always seem to leave us before their time. So the question remains, where are they now? We at Hard Style decided to find out.


Once a shining star in The Sex Pistols live performances, this weathered and worn pick kept deep secrets to himself away from all the shining lights on stage. Sex, drugs, and rock n roll were the only reality he knew. Wild parties full of girls and booze, glamour, and fame got to him in all of the worst ways possible. After The Sex Pistols disastrous final tour this once lost pick has been found in a rehab center and has embarked on a spiritual journey as a devout Hare Krishna.


After being lost for nearly a decade, this pick made its valiant return to action after being found under a couch along with an old french fry and $1.07 in change.


Neglected and broken, this pick has experienced heartbreak. She started life as a gift from one lover to another, but when the relationship crumbled she was thrown out with all the love letters and photobooth photos of brighter days. Several years laters, this pick has been on a long and arduous journey of self-discovery and extensive therapy sessions. To this day the trauma of being discarded like rotten milk has left the pick with severe trust issues.


After abandoning their once exciting life on the road with a successful touring hardcore band, this pick opted for a more traditional lifestyle. Happily married with three children, this pick enjoys working hard selling insurance during the week and spending time coaching his son’s little league baseball team on the weekends.

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Instead of crashing and burning after fame or being lost altogether this pick ended up on a different path. Once a crucial member of D-Beat band System Shock, this pick spent years on the road just struggling to get by while wallowing around in heaps of cigarette butts and garbage on the floor of the van. A few years back he decided it was time to make a change. Forgoing his DIY ethics, he has become a prop on reality TV shows. Now, it isn’t uncommon to see this pick being featured in shows such as The Real World and Bad Girls Club.

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Article by Bryanna Bennett @TERRORSHOELACES

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