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Five Questions – Dylan from Parker

Five Questions is a new series here on The Hard Times because I am lazy and will just ask the same 5 questions to people.

This time it is Dylan from Parker, and they decided to answer my questions even though the questions themselves are largely stupid.

Five Questions to Dylan from Parker

  • Who the hell are you and what the hell do you do? – I’m Dylan and I sing and play guitar in a punk rock band from Northern Ireland.
  • What the hell is your favourite record and why the hell should we fucking care? Blink 182’s untitled album because it’s objectively the most complete record ever made.
  • You get to make a band including you playing your usual instrument, who the hell are you picking? I’ll play guitar, Atom Willard will play drums, Nate Mendel will play bass and Brandon Flowers will sing. (good because everyone else so far wussed out and said “my band mates are the best” and picked them, fuck your bandmates nice on Dylan – Jake)
  • What the hell is your favourite Hard Times article? – The Next Rick Rubin? I Have No Technical Skills Or Musical Ability And Would Like To Produce Your Album
  • Where the hell can we find you online?@bandcalledparker on Instagram, Parker – Band on Facebook and you can hear our newest single Generic Indie Bands at Parker on Spotify

Check out the band’s latest track ‘Generic Indie Bands’ below,

And here’s some links to check out:

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