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Hot Tips to Get You Bikini Kill Ready This Summer

GAINESVILLE, FL – Summertime is all about easy, effortless style. With temperatures rising, now is the perfect time to update to a breezy and chic look!

Hannah Roberts, barista and “professional badass” shared a few of her style tips with us.

“I’m pretty much just wearing what I was wearing a few months ago, but no jacket because it’s hot,” she tells us with a glare. “Why are you trying to commodify the seasons and perpetuate consumer culture that tells women to buy more shit to fix themselves?”

No-fuss hairstyles are a must as it heats up outside. Roberts says messy beach waves are always ideal for a look that is flirty and fun. “I cut my own hair last night when I came home from the bar. When my roommate gets back from Portland, she’s gonna help me shave my head. Until then, I’m going asymmetrical. It’s my body.”

A fresh pedicure in a sweet, summery hue can really give your look a pop of color. How does Roberts get her tootsies ready for summer fun? “Combat boots,” she tells us with a death stare. “I’m wearing combat boots so I can push my way to the front of the stage where I belong.”

Also, don’t be afraid to show just a bit of skin. “Yeah, they’re called fishnets,” Roberts says, gesturing towards her ripped tights. “Do you not know what fishnets are?,” she asked blankly.


As any girl knows, the look isn’t complete until you have a sweet and laidback attitude. Guys love a girl with confidence! “Dude, do you really think I give a shit what guys think?” Roberts asks rhetorically. “Why are you still asking me about my appearance? Fuck off.”

Her band Gash Station is playing the Side Room next week in Sarasota.

How do you beat the summer heat without compromising your punk rock ideals? Tell us by leaving a comment in the section below.