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Facebook Can Boost Your Post “R.I.P. Grandma” for $10

Hi Facebook user! We threw this article into your newsfeed because we have a new tip for you based on your activity. It seems that posts similar to your post (R.I.P. Grandma) performed well after being boosted! Try boosting your post (R.I.P. Grandma) for $10 to reach up to 3900 new people!

Wanna share (R.I.P. Grandma) with a wider audience? Now you can! For just $10 this post will be seen not only by the people who should be seeing it in the first place because they have chosen to follow you, but by complete strangers as well!

So just who does your awesome post (R.I.P. Grandma) get shown to? You decide! Boosting not only gets your post seen, it gets it seen by the right people! Who would you like (R.I.P. Grandma) to be seen by? Men in their 20s? Women? People who have liked pages that you have liked, such as Reservoir Dogs and I Fucking Love Science?

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It looks like your post (R.I.P. Grandma) is performing well, great job! Tell you what, we’ll actually give you $10 to boost this post so you can see the difference for yourself!

Additionally, our AI has flagged another one of your posts (R.I.P. Grandma) as sad. In accordance to Facebook decency standards, your account will be suspended for 24 hours.

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Article by Dan Rice @danricecomedy