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Mother Shares Adorable Anecdote About Single Most Damaging Experience from Daughter’s Childhood

HIAWASSEE, Ga. — Local mom Camille Belvin shared a charming anecdote during a family dinner last night about an event from which her daughter has yet to emotionally recover, mildly entertained sources confirmed.

“I was on my way back from a work trip to Orlando and, since I couldn’t find a sitter, Roxy was with me,” recalled Mrs. Belvin. “We got to the Greyhound station in Atlanta, and… gosh, I was just so frazzled, I drove off while she was still in the little girls’ room. I made it all the way home before I even realized she wasn’t in the car and had to drive all the way back!”

“That was probably the only quiet car ride I ever had,” she added while reaching to lovingly brush the back of her petrified daughter’s hair.

Despite a generally positive reception by most of the Belvin family, Roxy had a significantly different recollection of the experience.

“That was, without a doubt, the worst six hours of my life,” she recalled. “When I came out of the bathroom, my mom was just gone. I tried to ask some adults for help, but they turned out to be junkies who stole my Little Mermaid backpack my mom bought me at Disney World. Then, while I was crying in the waiting area, the station manager told me that if I didn’t have a ticket, I had to wait outside. It was fucking February!”

Roxy’s boyfriend and dinner guest Lucious Stone also thought the anecdote was odd, given the gross parental neglect exhibited.

“It seemed strange that she brought it up at all… let alone how flippantly she described everything,” he said. “I guess it kind of makes sense for a parent to try to paint their fuck-ups in the best light possible — hell, just ask that piece-of-work father of mine about the time he got drunk before my violin recital and tried to fight the assistant principal. It’s the most hilarious story he’s got.”

Sources later corrected that the Little Mermaid backpack was not purchased at Disney World Orlando, but rather a WalMart outside Tampa Bay.