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Hard Times, Hard Drive, and Hard Money are Hiring!

Hard Times, Hard Drive, and Hard Money are looking to hire a variety of full-time, part-time, and freelance positions.

We’re proud of the content we create, and of our culture of rewarding and retaining creative minds who power that content. Come build with us.

All roles are work from home, with an emphasis on results rather than office hours, and have unlimited vacation days. FTE roles all include healthcare. Salaries will be negotiated based on market rates for similar jobs and experience. We do not believe anything truly great is built with a single pair of hands, so all FTE employees will receive equity in our businesses.

Minus World (Hard Drive Non-Satirical Section) FTE Editor

Hard Drive is hiring a full time non-satire (but still funny) video game written content editor who wants to work with the Hard Drive team to build a new editorial process and section from the ground up.

This person would oversee and drive the expansion of our non-satirical section “Minus World,” which is currently in a proof of concept state. Basically we need funny Hard Drive-styled headlines with real news and takes that we are proud of and which contribute positively to online games culture and our brand.

Minus World so far:

  • An ideal candidate has:
  • Video game journalism/editing experience or ability
  • Deep knowledge and involvement in video game culture and news
  • A keen sense of Hard Drive’s voice and editorial sensibilities
  • Experience or ability to build editorial content processes from the ground up
  • A results-driven self starter work ethic

If you’d like to join our team please send an email to [email protected] introducing yourself and explaining why you might be right for the job. Please include three story pitches which include the headline.

Minus World Freelance Contributor

Minus World is adding freelance video game journalists, writers, bloggers, hot takers, interviewers, and guides writers to our team.

Minus World is the non-satirical expansion of Hard Drive. It is still funny and sharp, but it contains real takes and real news. Imagine funny, attention-grabbing Hard Drive-styled headlines with real news and takes that we are proud of and which contribute positively to online games culture and our brand. Minus world so far:

If you’d like to be added to our freelance team, please pitch a Minus World story idea or two to [email protected]

Key things your pitch should include

  • A headline that is immediately intriguing or interesting
  • A preview or example of the body of the story that shows your voice and writing style fit well enough into the Hard Drive universe and carry the attention span of the reader
  • Any notable time-related issues, embargoes, or launches (“we should write this for the game’s launch on X”)

Hard Times Editor (Part-Time)

The Hard Times is looking for two new part-time editors to join our creative team. We are looking for self-starting, passionate people who love turning funny, engaging ideas into content. Do you have good time management? Do you have basic Photoshop skills? Do you know the difference between a show and a concert?

The ideal candidate will have the following:

  • New ideas and the ability to execute them
  • An understanding of our satirical voice and how to elevate it across various formats
  • A deep knowledge of the music subculture we cover from bands to social politics
  • Some experience with Photoshop (or desire to learn)
  • Time in your day to dedicate to Hard Times work

Responsibilities of the position would include:

  • Writing
  • Editing
  • Pitching new ideas
  • Scheduling posts across various social platforms
  • Selecting and rescheduling reposts
  • Working with freelancers to help curate ideas
  • Rounding up headlines for editorial meetings

If you’d like to join our team please send an email to [email protected] introducing yourself and explaining why you might be right for the job. Please include three Hard Times headlines and a new content format idea with a specific pitch.

Hard Drive/Minus World Newsletter Manager (freelance)

Hard Drive and Minus World are preparing for the launch of a newsletter. We’re looking for someone who is able to aggregate our daily stories, pick the top ones, and add funny commentary.

Ideal candidate has the experience or ability to:

  • Managing email newsletter systems
  • Promote newsletter with interesting and non-spammy content and mentions throughout our social media channels
  • Run contests, giveaways, and newsletter events

Hard Money EIC (Full Time)

Editor-in-Chief Roles and Responsibilities

Hard Money is a media brand that creates and publishes original content around financial markets for social, podcasts, newsletters, and video. Our mission is to provide retail traders/investors funny, but educational content allowing them to engage with and succeed in the financial markets.

Job Description:

Hard Money seeks an experienced editorial leader to help it build and optimize a newsletter and editorial content team. The ideal candidate wants to go all in on building and owning a comedy and educational finance brand with experienced operators on a ground level. This is a job for a complex problem solver with the interest, and ability to make content that can be part of the public conversation on fintwit, wall street bets, and in other finance circles every day.


  • Build and manage editorial process to produce content for our website, with a goal of converting readers to newsletter subscribers
  • Attract and build process for freelance editorial content creation in efficient and effective manner
  • Create/Produce/Write engaging content/commentary that can win on social media, building our brand and converting social media users to website visitors and newsletter subscribers
  • Work with/learn from our team of comics and money managers to develop an authoritative, unique, and fun voice for Project F/Hard Money’s editorial
  • Work with social media manager to socialize daily email content snippets for social content/email subscription
  • Proofread, edit, and otherwise ensure highest caliber of deliverables
  • Follow content trends and generate new ideas to increase audience engagement
  • Brainstorm and collaborate with team for new ideas and content strategies
  • Work with executive team to test, analyze, and gather actionable insights from content performance results / reporting to optimize social following and engagement
  • Incorporate referral system (giveaways, etc) for list growth and sponsored content/partner ads (eventually)

Qualifications and Skills

  • Proven work experience as an editor
  • Passion for financial topics – Markets/Stocks/Crypto/Web3
  • Excellent writing skills in English
  • Knows how to build and lead a content team
  • Attention to detail
  • Good organizational and time-management skills


Hard Money Non-Satirical Blogger

Write funny, non-satirical blogs about stock and finance price predictions from notable money managers, influencers, podcasters. Email a blog pitch to [email protected]

Hard Times, Hard Drive, and Hard Money Freelance Headline Contributors

Our teams are always adding freelance headline and article writers. Please submit 5 headline ideas via this link:

For further contact or pitches you can reach

Hard Times: [email protected]
Hard Drive: [email protected]
Hard Money: [email protected]