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Man Makes Millions In One Month Using This Get Rich Quick Scheme

A man in his late twenties made millions of dollars last month using a simple get rich quick scheme. Though many of these schemes are known scams, the man, who prefers not to be named, happened to stumble upon a tried and tested money-making method that has been used for centuries.

In March 2017, he walked into a bank with a banana held under a piece of cloth and demanded all of the money. He walked out with tens of thousands of dollars. Sensing that this was a viable way of making a steady income, he continued to ask banks around the country to fill his briefcase with notes, and most of them happily obliged.

“I’ve tried a lot of so-called get rich quick ideas, but to no avail. Most of them turn out to be scams or pyramid schemes, and the ones that do work require a lot of effort. That’s not something I have time for with so many other commitments. I even used to have lucky numbers, but that only worked occasionally. With this money, I can get my band on the road again and do what I want forever!”, said the man.

Many people have questioned whether the man’s methods are legitimate, but he assures the public that they have nothing to fear. “Look, I’ve just discovered a loophole. Banks give people money all of the time, but usually they have to pay it back. The way I do it is interest free, and I don’t have to worry about repayments.”

As to the technical aspects of the get rich quick scheme the man says, “It’s really not that difficult. The security is tighter than it used to be, so it’s harder to get millions from one bank. That’s why you have to move around a bit. Try to shop locally and then move on. Everyone’s big into cyber-hacking now, but I just use a banana so I can eat the evidence afterwards.”

Bank receptionist Lara Craft claims that the man’s scheme is immoral. She says, “I was petrified when I realized that a man yielding a banana was threatening me. Only a maniac would do such a thing. I really didn’t know what he was capable of, so I handed over some cash. He’s on CCTV, so he shouldn’t be roaming around for too much longer.”

There have been hundreds of articles online about getting rich quickly, describing how people made tons of money in a week by doing very little. They can be found in just about any click-bait sponsored article post. Just take a look around this site. But the only real winner is the sponsor. If anyone wants to actually make money they have to start thinking outside of the box.

The man in this article has found the only 100% real and authentic way to make money fast, but he stresses that his ways are not for everyone. “It requires nerves of steel to point a banana at an unsuspecting till operator. I understand that not everyone has what it takes, and if you want to get a bar job there is no shame in that.”