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Adorable! These 142,592 Friends All Got Matching Tattoos

OK this is too cute. Apparently these 142,592 besties all got identical triforce tattoos over the last 30 years and are showing them off on social media. We stan!

We’re not sure how these Zelda-fanatics coordinated their international tattoo escapade, but we’re totally floored by their commitment to honor their friendship permanently with the image of these three triangles inked onto their bodies. The triforce tattoo is the ultimate friendship goals! 

We spoke to a tattoo artist from Los Angeles about what it was like to join in such a special ceremony of friendship. 

“I’ve been giving this exact tattoo to so many people, I was like ‘these guys are all so close! What a beautiful thing,’” said Marnie Yang. “I give best friends identical tattoos all the time. That’s a bond they’re going to have with them for the rest of their lives. But there’s something really wonderful about seeing over a hundred thousand best friends all get the same ink. It brings a tear to my eye.”

Absolutely incredible. Most people are lucky to have one or two best friends over the course of their lives, so it’s actually straight up inspiring to know that some people have 142,591 best friends. 


And just like when two besties each get half a heart necklace, we know these buds are never going to feel alone if they just look to their tattoos. Because no matter how far away their fellow triforces are — statistically, there’s always 2 within any 2-mile radius — it’s still like all 142,591 are hanging out in the same dorm room them met in freshman year. 

We guess that’s why there’s no better symbol for friendship than 427,776 triangles.

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