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The Female GG Allin? This Woman Poops

Controversial punk legend GG Allin has been dead for 25 years, leaving many wondering: has punk gone soft? Where is the disgusting, shit-flinging messiah who will shock us from our slumber and bring back the dangerous, disease-ridden aspects of the scene?

I believe I’ve found her. Go ahead, pick your jaws up off the floor: I said “her.” The next GG Allin is actually a woman, and get this: she poops.

At first glance, Leticia “Letty” Daniels seems unbearably mundane. She’s 27, has a Yorkshire Terrier, and sells office supplies. But at least twice a day (that I saw), she becomes the living embodiment of the outlaw scumfuck by defecating. With her ass.

Did you just throw up in your mouth a little? So did I. Everyone knows women don’t poop. Only a woman with the same utter contempt for the human body as GG would willingly use hers to make feces.

When I met Daniels to ask her about her art she refused to give any comments beyond, “Who’s GG Allin?” and, “Get the fuck out of my house!” She was confused, irrational, and paranoid; probably using hard drugs, just like you-know-who.

You guys, she’s really doing it! She’s going to make punk dangerous again, by expelling waste from her body. Of course, she’s struggling to find an audience because the bullshit safe-spaces and hostile feminazis that flooded the scene are making it impossible for Letty to debut her sick, twisted act anywhere besides her own bathroom. Fucking sheep.

If you ever look around and you’re appalled at the state of your scene, I want you to think about Letty, an independent, unafraid woman, pinching off turd after turd after turd in her effort to preserve the true spirit of punk.

If only I could have stuck around long enough to see if she bleeds as regularly as GG Allin did.

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