Exclusive: Photos of Daft Punk UNMASKED Then RE-MASKED With Slipknot Masks

We’ve got an exciting one for you today. Hard Style has finally gotten the elusive electronic duo, Daft Punk, to pose for photos without their trademark robot helmets. When we first asked, they said NO WAY. But we were able to whittle them down to a compromise. Take a look!


So good. Let’s see Rolling Stone get a scoop like this. What’s fun is if you squint you can even imagine what the slipknot guys look like with daft punk helmets!

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We have to admit though, seeing Daft Punk without their signature helmets kind of ruins the mystery a little. Next time we listen to, “Get Lucky” we might be picturing this instead.

Do you have any photos of yourself unmasked and then re-masked with the masks from a popular nu-metal band? Show us in the comments!

Article by Kyle Erf @kyleerf

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